interactive media lighting led architecture

Interactive Light Installation | 2014 ­ Gallipoli, IT
Exhibition/Presentation: EMYS ­ Laboratorio Liberalarte
Support/Grants: SAC ­ Salento di Mare e di Pietre, Fondazione con il Sud

COlonne final.mp4.Imagen fija001

Whispering Columns is a media intervention realized in a medieval cloister, belonged to the Dominican monks. Through voices and sounds that refer to past ages, the columns create a connection between the religious past and the present as a cultural center, of the place that houses them. The columns without audience, quietly pulsate between different shades of white, while the approach of the public generates pattern of colors depending on the position and the number of people around the column. Furthermore each column works as a web server that allows the access to multimedia contents through mobile devices: this interaction generates light and sound feedback.

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