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Re-coding the way we imagine, collaborate and innovate

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My creative work is specifically addressed to people, networks and organizations, that with their imagination, action and commitment are giving or want to shape a better possible future for people and the Earth. Together we can explore future opportunities, design innovative projects and communicate them by crafting stories that engage people.

Exploring, designing and prototyping futures that matter for you, the people and the Planet

Creative Futures Thinking

Design for Emergent Ecofutures

Foresight Research & Writing

Work with a Creative Futurist who shares your values and collaborate with you in giving shape to your ideas.

Vision. Creation. Transformation.

I am a Creative Futurist, Designer and Writer with a tech background and an unique vision that integrates life, creativity and ecology.

I have two passions: crafting stories and solving challenges. To support people in doing this, I developed two programs:

Design for Emergent Ecofutures and Creative Futures Thinking.

Also I am available for collaborations and remote work on Foresight Research and Writing.

Join a creative and interdisciplinary program that supports you in communicating, designing and catalyzing transformation processes in line with the Sustainable Development Goals.

Design for Emergent Ecofutures

Creative Futures Thinking

Gain a new superpower!

A unique and practical program that allows you to:

  • Gain a new way of thinking.
  • Make sense of complexity.
  • Develop future scenarios.
  • Explore emerging pathways.
  • Craft positive stories about the future.
  • Make artefacts from the future.
  • Set roadmaps towards your futures.

Creative Futures Thinking offers a series of tools designed to be integrated within a creative and collaborative work. It supports you in developing a positive conversation about the future that increases people’s engagement. We will work with well-structured methods to explore and face the challenges of the future.

Giovanni Marco Zaccaria Portrait with biosensors and arduino

M:A:D for Futures!

Interaction for Media, Art & Design

I integrated Futures Thinking with my background in technology, interactive art, design and education. This allows me to support innovation with original ideas, prototyping real experiences and communicate future scenarios with a more accessible and creative language.

Some of the institutions and organizations that have believed in my creativity and passion, working together on imaginative projects that involve and inspire people.

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