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We live in times of transition, the same organization of society is changing. With imagination and empathy we can expand the ability to rethink our ecosystem relationships to make sense of complexity. We need new creative strategies that inspire collaborative solutions and make society evolve towards a new economy and a regenerated sense of community.

Creative and original solutions to innovate, communicate and face the ecological transition and our social transformations.

Eco-Future Exploration & Creative Strategy

Digital Design & Media Art for Social Change

Driving Transformation with Imagination

My work integrates creation, design, consulting and training by offering solutions developed from a wide professional, creative and interdisciplinary experience.

Vision. Creation. Transformation.

I am a Creative Futurist, Media Artist and Designer with passion for unique vision, integrating life, creativity and ecology. 

What I offer is an interdisciplinary and experimental work that combines design and knowledge with the aim of strategically exploring emerging eco-futures and identities, making complexity accessible through creative projects and facilitating processes of innovation and social transformation.

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Advanced Interface Sense Shifting

Media and Arts offer a unique potential to make sense of complexity, explore emerging pathways and represent desirable possibilities about our near futures. I investigate the power of embodied practices, interactive urban art and transmedia fictions. With my artistic work, I want to rekindle a sense of empathy and the audacity of positive imagination.


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