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Giovanni Marco Zaccaria

Media Artist, Designer, Futurist

Giovanni Marco Zaccaria

I am a creative specialist with a background in engineering and an unique vision that integrates entrepreneurship, life and systems innovation. Over time I have worked as a creative technologist, medialab director, hacker, interactive media artist, digital designer, event organiser, performer, writer, vegan chef and community builder. All these interdisciplinary experiences, like the pieces of a puzzle, have allowed me to understand a little better people, complexity and uncertainty. I love to practice futures thinking and U Theory because they give me a mindset and a social technology to generate creative and collaborative artworks to openly dialogue on better futures.


We live in times of transition, the same organization of society is changing. With imagination, creativity and empathy we can expand the ability to rethink our ecosystem relationships to make sense of complexity. We need new narratives and artworks that inspire collaborative solutions and make society evolve towards a new economy and a regenerated sense of community.

“My interest is in the future because I am going to spend the rest of my life there”


2010-2011 / MSc in Cognitive Systems and Interactive Media, UPF, Barcelona.

Key modules: Mind Brain and Behaviour, Research and Metodologies in Humanities and Sciences, Interaction models, Advance Interface Design, Real-time Interaction, Systems Design, Integration And Control, Historical and Social Context of Interactive Media.

2007-2010 / BSc in Biomedical Engineering Politecnico di Milano.

Key modules: Mathematics, Analysis, Physics, Statistics, Computer Science, Circuit Analysis, Electronics, Bioengineering, Biosignals, Chemistry, Human Physiology and Biology, Mechanics, Automation, Business Management, Operational Research.

Trainings & Certificates

2020 / EIT Climate-KIC Journey, European Summer School. A 4-week, intensive, learning programme, focused on climate action, innovation, systems transformation, and community building.

2020 / The Sustainable Development Goals – A global, transdisciplinary vision for the future, University of Copenhagen (Coursera).

2019-2020 / Futures Thinking Specialization, 5 Courses, Institute for the Future (Coursera).

2019 / u.lab: Leading From the Emerging Future, MITx/Presencing Institute (EdX).

2019 / Growth Embodied, Erasmus+ Training Course, Embody Journey, Germany.

2019 / Citizen Science: From Soil to Sky, University of Dundee (FutureLearn).

2017 / Usability: making webpages, thinking on the user, Cibernàrium MediaTic, Barcelona.

2016 / DiDIY Co-Design Workshop, IDEActivity, Barcelona.

2016 / Science and Technology in Performing Arts, 80Hrs, EpicaLab, La Fura dels Baus, EU Collective Plays.

2013 / Permaculture Design Course 72Hrs, Il Giardino della Gioia, Italy.

2012 / Playing the Stage, Design of Interactive Performing Spaces, L’Hangar, Barcelona.

2011-2012 / Set Design for Performing Arts, 106Hrs, Escola Massana, Barcelona.

2011 / Introduction to Artificial Intelligence,   Advanced Track, A.I. Online Class (Stanford).

2011 / Construction of Musical Instruments through Technological Innovation, L’Hangar, Barcelona.

Teaching & Mentoring

2021 / Introduction to Solarpunk, Ethnographic Museum of CyL, Zamora.

2020 / Impacthon, Circle17, Vienna (Remote).

2020 / Ideathon Lead, Climathon Zamora.

2019 / Exploring Emerging Futures, Impact Hub, Bari.

2017- 2018 / Terrassa Solarpunk, BaumannLab, Terrassa.

2016 / Game for Cities, Training School, HvA, Amsterdam. 

2016 / Hack Club, BaumannLab, Terrassa.

2016 / Accessible Culture and Training, Sabadell.

2014 – 2016 / MediaEstruch, Sabadell.

Installations & Exhibitions

2017 / Emotiorama: Biosensor-Based Performative Installation, ArtLoverGround, Barcelona.

2015 / The Tarot of Maker, Interactivos?’15: Objects in Common, Medialab Prado Madrid.

2014 / Whispering Columns: Public Space & Interactive Architecture, Emys, Gallipoli.

2014 / Sense Shifting: Biosensor-Based Performative Installation, ICT & ART Connect, Foam, Brussels.

2014 / Thaeta: Interactive Performance, Stratofyzika Collective, Barcelona, Berlin, São Paulo.

2013 / Kaleidospheres: Interactive Sound Interface, Koumaria, Onassis Center, Athens.

2013 / Urban Spirits: Media Facade & Digital Urban Game, Medialab Prado, Madrid.

2013 / Shadow of Aikia: Interactive Performance, Stratofyzika Collective, Berlin.

Honors & Awards

2016 / BaumannLab Fellowship 

2014 / ICT & ART Connect


2019 / Interactivos?’19: Eating Against Collapse, Medialab Prado, Madrid.

2017 / Incontri del terzo Luogo, Manifatture Knos, Lecce. 

2016 / Designer in Residence, Game for Cities, Play & Civic Media, HvA, Amsterdam.

2016 / PIF Camp, Ljudmila Art & Science Lab, Slovenia.

2015 / Interactivos?’15: Objets in Common, Medialab Prado, Madrid.

2014 / Mediaestruch Residency, L’Estruch, Sabadell, Barcelona.

2013 / Koumaria Residency, Medea Electronique, Athens.

2013 / Mediaestruch Residency, L’Estruch, Sabadell, Barcelona.

2013 / Solid Interfaces and Urban Games, Medialab Prado, Madrid.

Volunteer Experience

2020 / Remote Facilitator, Salvia Network.

2019 / Facilitator, Coppula Tisa, Gallery, Active Citizenship Observatory.

2012 / Design & Communication, Open Source Ecology Italia.


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