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Giovanni Marco Zaccaria

Gianmarco Zaccaria

Media Artist, Designer, Futurist

Gianmarco is an artist, designer and creative futurist with a background in engineering and interactive media. He loves applying interdisciplinary knowledge in making complex and innovative topics accessible and playful. His creative practice combines community engagement, interaction design and gamification to create playful experiences and offer the audience the opportunity to explore social and technological innovation issues from different perspectives. He envisions artistic experiments hybridizing methodologies that come from futures thinking, game design, physical narratives and systems innovation. He currently offers creative contributions to local governments and other organizations interested in creatively implementing circular economy and ecological transition in their social environment.

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“My interest is in the future because I am going to spend the rest of my life there”


We live in times of transition, the same organization of society is changing. With imagination, creativity and empathy we can expand the ability to rethink our ecosystem relationships to make sense of complexity. We need new narratives and artworks that inspire collaborative solutions and make society evolve towards a new economy and a regenerated sense of community.


We create artistic experiments and creative work that are specifically addressed to people, networks and organisations that with their imagination want to challenge the status quo.


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