interactive media dance performance with sensors

theta2THÆTA is the third performance of StratoFyzika’s Shadows Trilogy. With new collaborations in sound and interactivity (sensors building, coding), the concept still steeped in the subconscious realms and dealing with the ego: the dark and light shadow aspects of self (as in the first two parts of the trilogy) but also on the edge of the conscious, waking self; visions on the edge of sleep, whispy light shadows, multi-dimensional geometric objects, sudden sound as if from the halls of a mind in a dream state.
This liminal zone is a state referred to as Hypnogogia.

THÆTA embodies this borderland state.

All merge onto the stage, interactively; body dynamics, auditory sensations and visuals function as the culmination of parts into one constellation in live performance.

Hen Lovely Bird / creative direction, movement writer /
Alessandra Leone / creative direction, visual content /
Davic Nod / sound project /
Thomas Van Ta / creative code /
Giovanni-Marco Zaccaria / wearable sensors design & development /
Jeanette Bruneau Rossow / costume design /
Juan Cristobal Ribes / sound mastering /
Xperimental Sound Lab / audio contributors /

Video footage: Dario-Jacopo Laganà

Interactive Audiovisual Performances / Collaboration: wearable sensors design and development | 2013/2014 ­ Berlin


Exhibition/Presentation: Month of Performance Berlin, PLATOON KUNSTHALLE Support/Grants: Crowdfunding, Mediaestruch, Sabadell City Hall

Photos#1 by ​Paul Holdsworth & Daniela del Pomar ​­ Pics#2­3 by ​Dario­Jacopo Laganà