Advanced Interface Sense Shifting

Is play serious business?

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“To be playful and serious at the same time is possible, and it defines the ideal mental condition.” – wrote John Dewey – we humans are playful creatures, the consciousness of play unfolds within a spatiotemporal frame, wherein the special rules of the game are absolutely binding: it is the magic circle! It encloses temporary worlds within the ordinary world, conjuring up instinct acting from inner necessity. All play moves and have their existence within a playground, the consecrated spot. Like an initiation rite, the essence of playing is modulating experiences that emphasise interactive, participatory and imaginatively reflexive engagement with the reality. Physical computing can transform things into magical artefacts. Ludic interfaces can add unexpected and fantastical layers to the most familiar object or to the entire urban landscape, making possible distinctively human behaviours to flourish.

From interactive art to games and workshops ..or maybe is the city the playground?

Forever curious, at M:A:D Interaction! we design playful and social experiences with you.

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