Interactive Projection Mapping Dance

How is it performing with the machine?

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Moving bodies and changing light, the space blends real and imaginary worlds! Dancers perceive the resonating environment in a symbiotic improvisation with invisible computational entities. Their movements are caught and transformed by electronic senses which trigger responses and feedback. They become aware of the hidden patterns of computer interfaces, while sounds and projections create enhanced spheres of choreographic interactions.

Are you ready to explore new creative opportunities?

In an interactive work, a symbiotic bond between the design of performative spaces and the performance ideation is established. Interactive technologies allow us to consider people, objects and space as potential interpreters, creating augmented dramaturgies. The biometric and kinematic data are transformed into visual and sound effects, generating a real time dialogue between bodies and multi-sensory architectures.

M:A:D Interaction! collaborates in the design and development of fully interactive, multimedia productions. 


M:A:D Contact!

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info [at] madinteraction · com