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Do not stop thinking about tomorrow!

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Our most radical imagination is under siege: M:A:D Interaction! goes on an audacious and experimental path, which aims to stimulate critical thinking applied to multiple contexts, generating multiple futures that are fair, local, inclusive and ecosostenible. We will use the thematic approach of different fiction genres and the methodologies offered by the field of future studies as tools for research and creation. M:A:D Interaction! wants to offer a methodological preparation for change, to critically investigate the present and understand its tendencies: the weak signals of which manifolds possible futures. With a special attention to design fiction: more speculative than a prototype, a fictional design represents a “narrative object” that can be used in a performative way, to reflect and narrate projected experiences into the future.

Do you want to propose a creative collaboration or host a workshop?

In our commissioned works and laboratories,  participants will be asked to create not a unique and utopian vision, but an archipelago of different futures, a landscape to expand the ability to imagine near future in autonomy, without getting caught up in preconstructed stories that indicate the future as unique and already defined.

M:A:D Contact!

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info [at] madinteraction · com