With its symbolic meaning and usage purpose the Maker’s Tarot is closely linked to the classical Tarot. The same as the Tarot, it consists of major (22 cards) and minor (56 cards) arcana.

IMG_20151207_183453During Interactivos?15 at Medialab Prado were designed the major arcana. They represent a typical path, which everyone undergoes over a lifetime, the so-called Hero’s Journey. In our project we adapt this journey to the path of evolution and growh that a maker follows in order to develop a new collaborative and open source project from the initial idea to its realization.

IMG_20151204_193909Each card represents a riddle that must be solved before the initiate can move onto the next stage of the journey. Translating into the makers world, they represent the shared experience and depict collectively recognizable behaviors and patterns. While minor cards provide nuances around four main areas : making (wands), community (cups), thinking (swords), sustainability (pentacles).

IMG_20151216_215320When the cards are thrown, they generated a random narrative which can lead to unexpected points of view about the ongoing creative processes.
It can be used by individuals or groups.