Listening, imagining, prototyping, connecting people

Does this resonate with you? Feel free to reach out and gain clarification on how we can work together.

My creative work is specifically addressed to people, networks and organizations, that with their imagination, action and commitment are giving or want to shape a better possible future for both society and planet. Together we can explore future opportunities, develop original solutions and realize innovative projects.

Work with a creative expert who shares your values and interprets your needs.

Eco-Future Exploration & Strategy

We will work with well-structured methods to explore and face the challenges of the future. I offer creative support to leadership, in the journey of understanding complexity, developing clearer visions and through that, making better decisions about your project.

What methods can we use to visualize, plan and decide better?

  • Futures Thinking & Strategy Development
  • Backcasting, 3H & Emerging Eco-Futures
  • Visualizing Complexity & Data Analysis
  • Facilitation of Decision-Making Workshops 
  • Embodied Scenario Exploration
  • Role-Playing & Design Fiction

What creative skills can we use to realize innovative projects?

  • Digital Media, UI/UX & Interaction Design
  • Creative Strategy & Communication
  • Graphic Design & Infographics
  • Playful & Embodied Experience Design
  • Transmedia & Interactive Storytelling
  • Urban Games & Public Art Creation

Digital Design & Media Art for Change

We can make innovative projects by cultivating the ability to imagine and tell positive stories about our shared future. As a creative digital media expert, I will help you to create compelling multimedia content, designing immersive and engaging interaction experiences.

Driving Transformation with Imagination

We can implement processes that integrate training, imagination and prototyping. Together we can design and develop collaborative and interdisciplinary experiences with the aim of motivating and involving people in the journey of transformation towards desirable eco-futures.

What processes can we use to catalyze change?

  • Interdisciplinary & Co-Creative Spaces
  • Trainings for Young Change-makers
  • Co-Envisioning the Ecological Transition
  • STEAM Activities & Learning Experiences
  • Capacity Building & Sensemaking
  • Engaging with Communities

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”