Listening, imagining, prototyping, connecting people

Does this resonate with you? Let’s look at how we can work together.

With imagination and empathy we can expand the ability to rethink our ecosystem relationships to make sense of complexity. We need new stories that inspire collaborative initiatives and make society evolve towards a new economy and sense of community.

My work consists of three complementary actions: vision, creation, transformation.

I offer an interdisciplinary and experimental work that integrates different knowledge, empathy and imagination for the purpose of visualizing, communicating and supporting transformation processes toward desirable eco-futures.​

Future Exploration & Strategy

  • Embodied Scenario Exploration

  • Backcasting & 3 Horizons

  • Visualizing Complexity

  • Role-Playing & Design Fiction

  • Decision-Making Facilitation

  • Eco-Future Workshops

Media & Arts for Change

  • Creation of Eco-Fictions

  • Transmedia Storytelling

  • Playful Experience Design

  • Participatory & Public Art

  • Graphic Design & Infographics

  • Urban Game Design

Driving Transformation

  • Interdisciplinary & Co-Creative Spaces

  • Trainings for Young Change-makers

  • Co-Envisioning the Ecological Transition

  • STEAM Activities & Learning Experiences

  • Capacity Building & Sensemaking

  • Engaging with Communities

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”