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Baumannlab Solarpunk Terrassa Lab future fiction

Terrassa Solarpunk Workshop

Introduction Don't stop thinking about tomorrow! Our most radical imagination is under siege: Terrassa Solarpunk is an audacious and experimental...

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Soon the next Hack&Art Day!

Mediaestruch will offer a place where artists, activists, engineers, makers, technologist and curious minds in general could meet to generate new...

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interactive media lighting led architecture

Whispering Columns

Interactive Light Installation | 2014 ­ Gallipoli, IT Exhibition/Presentation: EMYS ­ Laboratorio Liberalarte Support/Grants: SAC ­ Salento di Mare e...

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Hack&Art Day 6th Edition!

Open call for artists, creators, engineers, and thinkers of all disciplines to work on their projects,  make new professional contact,...

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Sense Shifting

SUMMARY Sense Shifting is an interdisciplinary interactive art experiment, between participatory art, natural interface design and perception. The aim is...

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