Interactive Projection Mapping Dance

Performing Arts and New Technologies

How is it performing with the machine? Moving bodies and changing light, the space blends real and imaginary worlds! Dancers perceive the resonating environment in a symbiotic improvisation with invisible computational entities. Their movements are caught and transformed by electronic senses which trigger responses...

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Advanced Interface Sense Shifting

Playful and Embodied Experience Design

Is play serious business? “To be playful and serious at the same time is possible, and it defines the ideal mental condition.” - wrote John Dewey - we humans are playful creatures, the consciousness of play unfolds within a spatiotemporal...

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kaleidospheres exhibition athens onassis madinteraction koumaria

Design Fiction and Transmedia Narratives

Do not stop thinking about tomorrow! Our most radical imagination is under siege: M:A:D Interaction! goes on an audacious and experimental path, which aims to stimulate critical thinking applied to multiple contexts, generating multiple futures that are fair, local, inclusive and ecosostenible....

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Urban SPirits Medialab solid interfaces urban games

Civic Gaming and Community Prototyping

Play and experiment with change! Games as a rituals to support community research and knowledge building.  Let's co-create shared worlds, then play them to catalyse critical reflection and stimulate attitude change. M:A:D Interaction! can help your organisation to engage communities in the...

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