Two experimental sessions to make love with sounds and our imagination. Bring the instrument with which you most vibrate or the junky stuff that inspire you the most: we are going to create a playful space to get closer to the simplicity of the most basic electronic music.

We will pick up samples of rebellious sounds, indolent noises, unexpected variations of the ether. We will explore improbable connections, altered perceptions, ephemeral scores. The collective music creativity belongs to us and we will enjoy it!

The second session will be dedicated especially to explore simple analog synthesizers!
In particular we are going to make circuits based on the famous integrated chip 555.

What sounds will they produce?
Come and find out!

9 and 22 June 2016  from 19H to 21H.

Participation is free! The activity will be realized at Baumannlab within the support of the Hack Club program.