Baumannlab Solarpunk Terrassa Lab future fiction

Terrassa Solarpunk Workshop

Introduction Don't stop thinking about tomorrow! Our most radical imagination is under siege: Terrassa Solarpunk is an audacious and experimental laboratory, which aims to stimulate the speculation applied to the Lisbon context, generating multiple futures that are fair, local, inclusive...

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The Tarot of the Maker

With its symbolic meaning and usage purpose the Maker’s Tarot is closely linked to the classical Tarot. The same as the Tarot, it consists of major (22 cards) and minor (56 cards) arcana. During Interactivos?15 at Medialab Prado were designed...

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Smart Gardening Lab

During one week, M:A:D Interaction will carry out a citizen science activity that intends to apply basic and low cost technology to the urban garden of L'Estruch (Sabadell) in the form of an open laboratory on smart gardening. The lab...

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