What moves us?

Shaping technologies to create sensory and critical experiences. Interactive media as a means of expression. Gestures, actions, interactions. Science and mind mysteries, the sensorial body source of awareness and essential truths. The ecology of the embodiment, the environment of sensations, we are one and many, we are human beings, we are forests. Perceived reality and public spaces, in nature nothing is superfluous, perceptions and spirituality, biodiversity is creativity. New paradigms and permaculture principles, the seed and the spirit, the game and the revelation, the pretext for questions and reflections. The tale and the vision, peasant poets and bards of Transition, the makers and the commons, social changes and essential needs. The time has now come.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”.


Behind the Scenes


Giovanni Marco Zaccaria 

Giovanni Marco, alias Yann, is an Italian transmedia artist, inventor and future thinker,. His background ranges from Biomedical Engineering to Set Design and Performing Arts, he also obtained a Master degree in Cognitive Systems and Interactive Media at UPF University. Yann is passionate for what concerns the intersection between art, science and speculative futures. He has been collaborating as Artistic Director and Medialab Manager at MediaEstruch, a public Art Factory in Sabadell. About his artistic research, Yann is identified in certain measures with the values of the hacker culture. He follows a lifestyle in which independent research, continuous learning and personal growth have more priority than the values passed by the consumption society. His production is wide in terms of media implemented, also he considers the practice of research in its broadest sense, collaborating with projects of contemporary artistic experimentation, as well as, facilitating maker spaces and community-based creation of knowledge.




During the past years, the following institutions, organizations, projects and collectives have funded our research and supported our work:


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