Augmented Movements (Workshop) at LMDP Festival!

interactive media dance performance with sensors

A next workshop is coming soon within the fourth edition of International Theatre, Art and New Technologies Festival, Le Meraviglie del Possibile. LMDP Festival is the first of this kind in the whole Italy. It aim to promote the interrelation between artistic and technological languages.

AUGMENTED MOVEMENTS is the next M:A:D Interaction’s interdisciplinary activity for the Performing Arts. It’s about designing and exploring advanced interactive interfaces for the stage. The workshop is addressed to performers, artists, designers and technicians, interested to learn more about how to apply interactive technologies in fields like performance, dance and scene design.

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THÆTA – New Video Relased!

interactive media dance performance with sensors

Hen Lovely Bird / creative direction, movement writer /
Alessandra Leone / creative direction, visual content /
Davic Nod / sound project /
Thomas Van Ta / creative code /
Giovanni-Marco Zaccaria / wearable sensors design & development /
Jeanette Bruneau Rossow / costume design /
Juan Cristobal Ribes / sound mastering /
Xperimental Sound Lab / audio contributors /

Video footage: Dario-Jacopo Laganà

The Documentary about Koumaria Arts Residency!

Koumaria Art Residency walking nature artists

Koumaria: Improvising Across Boundaries in New Media Art and Community, traces the history and development of the Koumaria Arts Residency via interviews, performance footage, animation and in situ footage. Run by the Athens-based new media art collective Medea Electronique, the annual Koumaria residency draws an international group of new media artists to an isolated olive oil farm in Southern Greece for the creation of collective cross-arts projects grounded in an improvisatory philosophy. This film documents the artistic, social and personal aspects of the residency, exploring how community forms around the creation of new media art.

Produced by: Medea Electronique with the support of the International Institute For Critical Studies In Improvisation (ICASP)
Directed by / Editor: Kleopatra Korai
Director of Photography / Co-editor / Colourist: Michael Larsson
Executive Producer: Eric Lewis
Sound Design: Manolis Manousakis
Additional camera: Shahir Omar, Clara Bianchi, Eric Lewis, Gwenn Joyaux, Kleopatra Korai
Sound Mastering: Kostas bokos – Studio 19
Graphic Design: Yannis Lolis

The art-works and performances shown are all collectively created by the participants of the Koumaria: Improvised New Media Art Residency.

For more information about the Koumaria Residency, please visist:
For more information about Medea Electronique, please visit:

Open Call – Hack&Art Day 8th Edition!

Open call for artists, creators, engineers, and thinkers of all disciplines to work on their projects,  make new professional contact, design new prototypes, creating networks, testing inventions or learning new technologies related to digital art.

Creators time: 11am to 6pm with community dinner.
Cost: Free
Open day for everyone: from 6pm to 8pm

If you are interested in participate in the Hackathon, please write explaining a little more about your work and the people you want to help you. Or if you don’t have any project, you can tell us about what you can offer to the day.

All together will try to reply back and coordinate to collaborate. You are invited to participate in the event discussion. 😉

Facebook event:

Experimental Sound and Music JAM

Two experimental sessions to make love with sounds and our imagination. Bring the instrument with which you most vibrate or the junky stuff that inspire you the most: we are going to create a playful space to get closer to the simplicity of the most basic electronic music.

We will pick up samples of rebellious sounds, indolent noises, unexpected variations of the ether. We will explore improbable connections, altered perceptions, ephemeral scores. The collective music creativity belongs to us and we will enjoy it!

The second session will be dedicated especially to explore simple analog synthesizers!
In particular we are going to make circuits based on the famous integrated chip 555.

What sounds will they produce?
Come and find out!

9 and 22 June 2016  from 19H to 21H.

Participation is free! The activity will be realized at Baumannlab within the support of the Hack Club program.

Accessible Culture & Training Erasmus+ Project

act erasmus

About the overall project:

Accessible Culture & Training is a project funded by the ERASMUS + Programme of the EU.

The project ACT proposes the definition of a new professional profile, that of the “Media Accessibility Expert/Manager for the Scenic Arts”, and also the various types of training activities associated to this professional.

The project focuses on promoting equal opportunities and accessibility to cultural events (scenic arts) across countries and languages searching to establish and qualify the profile of accessibility expert to empower all citizens and especially people with disabilities.

More info here:

About the collaboration:

One of the activities in ACT is to organize a hackathon. Some meetings will take place in advance to prepare participants for the final day. M:A:D Interaction will collaborate as consultant and workshop facilitator with the aims to design new prototypes.
These activities will take place at ESTRUCH Sabadell, Barcelona

Tuesday, March 29th 2016
Hackathon Presentation and Planning

  • 15:30 Project presentation Accessible Culture and Training
  • 16:00 Presentation Conference participants
  • 16:30 Process and methodology
    Prototype Design
    Artistic Mediation
  • 17:00 State of the art in accessible technology
  • 17:30 Prototyping accessible technology
  • 18:00 Artistic actions


  • MEDIAESTRUCH Francisco (coordinator), Giovanni Marco (M:A:D Interaction!), Anna Recassens (artistic mediation). Nuria Nia (archives, audiovisual).
  • Collective art: theater of the senses (three artists).
  • ESDI Mireia (product), Miguel (fashion), Eduardo (UXI), Encarna (sociologist), Elisabeth (fashion student), Albert (fashion student), Gorka (student multidisciplinary), Juliet (student multidisciplinary), Raquel (product ).

Tuesday, April 5th 2016 
Analysis of challenges and problem shooting

  • 15:30 Interview with disable users
  • 17:30 Artistic dynamics
  • 18:30 Debate

Tuesday, April 12th 2016

  • Initial Proposals

Tuesday, April 19th 2016

  • Work proposals

Tuesday, April 26th 2016

  • Employment Testing & proposals

Tuesday, May 3rd 2016

  • Group Presentation

Tuesday, May 13th 2016 

  • Theater with Estruch Testing

Soon the next Hack&Art Day!

Mediaestruch will offer a place where artists, activists, engineers, makers, technologist and curious minds in general could meet to generate new projects and ideas or find new applications for existing projects and prototypes.

Please, if possible, it would be better to send a message explaining which kind of project or ideas you have. Participation is free and open to everyone.

14 November 2015 // 11:00 – 19:30