Urban Spirits

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Urban Spirits is a game to promote eco­friendly, creative and aggregative behavior in the context of an urban neighborhood. The game makes innovative use of Smart City sensors and urban spaces, particularly interactive street furnitures and digital facades. Individual users can interact through both smartphones and physical interaction with urban furnitures. In addition, Urban Spirits receives through environmental sensors the actual situation of urban district and using the data received, it dynamically changes the game environment.


The story and the game itself are based on the metaphor of the “Urban Spirits”. The purpose of the game is to tame the little spirits through the interaction with the urban surrounding. Each interaction is a little challenge­exercise aimed to fortify the participants sense of social community involvement, creativity and conscious eco­logic behaviours.

Solid Interfaces and Urban Games: Digital Games in the Public Spaces was a production workshop for the creation of video games related to public space and the city as an interface.

Interactive Media Facade Game | 2013 ­ Madrid, ES

Exhibition/Presentation: Medialab Prado Support/Grants: El Matadero, Medialab Prado