THÆTA – Design and development of wearable sensors


THÆTA is the third performance of StratoFyzika’s Shadows Trilogy. The concept still steeped in in the subconscious realms and dealing with the ego: the dark and light shadow aspects of self but also on the edge of the conscious, waking self; visions on the edge of sleep, wispy light shadows, multi­dimensional geometric objects, sudden sound as if from the halls of a mind in a dream state. This liminal zone is a state referred to as Hypnogogia.

Interactive Audiovisual Performances / Collaboration: wearable sensors design and development | 2013/2014 ­ Berlin


Exhibition/Presentation: Month of Performance Berlin, PLATOON KUNSTHALLE Support/Grants: Crowdfunding, Mediaestruch, Sabadell City Hall

Photos#1 by ​Paul Holdsworth & Daniela del Pomar ​­ Pics#2­3 by ​Dario­Jacopo Laganà