Sense Shifting

sense shift
Sense Shifting is an interdisciplinary art experiment, between participatory art, natural interface design and perception. The purpose was to explore new forms of collaborative experiences in performing arts mediated by an emotiorama: an interactive device for sensory augmentation, which permits a real­time display of emotion­related bio signals through lights and sound. This concept has taken the shape of a mobile sandbox, provided with an advanced tangible interface made up with natural elements. The sand surface capture the sound of the movements, while the black stones work as biosensor leads that measures the galvanic skin response of both participants.
Interactive Performance Installation | 2014 ­ Barcelona, Valencia, Brussels, EU
Exhibition/Presentation: exhibition curated by Black Cube Collective (BCC) and hosted by FoAM (Brussels) Support/Grants: ICT ART Connect, Sigma Orionis, Mediaestruch, Sabadell City Hall