Sense Shifting

Sense Shifting is an interdisciplinary interactive art experiment, between participatory art, natural interface design and perception. The aim is to investigate non-conventional channels for non-verbal communication. The interaction between two people is mediate by an interactive machine, an Emotiorama, which its physical appearance is a little zen garden. The sand surface captures the hands movement generating a real-time synthesis of a sound of warm summer wind. While the black stones work as biosensor leads that record variations in skin conductance in both participants and directly related to their arousal state. Then the machine transforms such bio-data in sounds and lights feedback.


Interactive Performance Installation | 2014 ­ Barcelona, Valencia, Brussels, EU
Exhibition/Presentation: exhibition curated by Black Cube Collective (BCC) and hosted by FoAM (Brussels) Support/Grants: ICT ART Connect, Sigma Orionis, Mediaestruch, Sabadell City Hall