Chronicles of a Hacker At the edge of the Ecological Transition

It’s time to breathe, to give oxygen to the most daring ideas. Thoughts and feelings expand beyond the mind, crossing the boundaries of the body. Diving in the skies of collective consciousness they regenerate and offer themselves to the world. Find your connection. We all have a first row seat for a unique live show with no repeats. The Anthropocene Chronicles don’t allow passive spectators.

It’ s time for strong hands and gentle hearts. There is much to do and even more to take care of. The power of a hundred suns is within our grasp. The ecological transition is dancing a few inches from our lives, echoing post-consumerism tales. The brilliant creative act appears like nothing more than a reflection of the most exuberant and rebellious biodiversity that surrounds us.

It’s time to walk out and wander beyond the borders of comfort lands led by that inner fool, who is the best friend of our most inspired creations. But be careful of a faint moonlight illuminating a path full of intriguing illusions. How many shrines of our monolithic beliefs are we going to bow to? How many complicit and fervent glances will we cross with? The key seems to belong to the answers that we will find, but actually it lies in the questions that we will be able to make fly.

It’s time to change. To imagine what will be our past. To remember what has been our future. To hack the tower of the certain knowledge. Hermetic climate fictions and techno-ecological myths. Soon fiction and reality will blur. The journey of the hackers is just beginning but their actions are destined to be a legend.

Written by Enop_Zeta

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