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    It’s time to breathe, to give oxygen to the most daring ideas. Thoughts and feelings expand beyond the mind, crossing the boundaries of the body. Diving in the skies of collective consciousness they regenerate and offer themselves to the world. Find your connection. We all have a first row seat for a unique live show with no repeats. The Anthropocene Chronicles don’t allow passive spectators. It’ s time for strong… Read more »

    We went from an identity defined by “I am what I produce” to “I am what I consume” to arrive to “I am what I prosume”. What happens if we break definitively with this paradigm to come to “I am what I take care of? “ Without going to the thought of Fukuoka for whom behind every act of creation or crafts lies an act of destruction, is it possible… Read more »

    Mediaestruch will offer a place where artists, activists, engineers, makers, technologist and curious minds in general could meet to generate new projects and ideas or find new applications for existing projects and prototypes. Please, if possible, it would be better to send a message explaining which kind of project or ideas you have. Participation is free and open to everyone. 14 November 2015 // 11:00 – 19:30

    The Tarot of maker is one of the 8 projects that have been selected to be developed during Interactivos?’15: Material Cultures in the Digital Age, that will be carried out from December 2 to 16, 2015. The workshop is complete with a series of conferences and meetings.     The Tarot of Maker is open to collaborators of almost any field. In particular we welcome makers, philosophers, illustrators, graphic designers,… Read more »